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Slovenska pediatrija 2018; 25: 279-283

Review article


A. Šelih
Zdravstveni dom Celje, Celje, Slovenija

P. Najdenov
Otroški oddelek, Splošna bolnišnica Jesenice, Jesenice, Slovenija


Paediatric emergency medicine has been a hot topic in Slovenia for several years. A working group, appointed by the Ministry of Health, prepared guidelines and recommendations for the organisation of work in Paediatric emergency units in 2016. Unfortunately, at present, there is only one working Paediatric emergency unit, located in the Emergency centre attached to Celje General Hospital. The different approach to and treatment of the ill or injured child can be seen when comparing the Paediatric emergency centre and the admission clinic of the Paediatric department in the general hospital. The establishment of a network of Paediatric emergency units all over the country would probably facilitate easier, faster and more professional treatment, especially of children with life-threatening conditions.

Key words: paediatric emergency medicine, paediatric emergency centres, emergencies.

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