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Slovenska pediatrija 2018; 25: 228-236

Professional article


Š. Žnidaršič Reljič
Služba za zdravstveno varstvo šolskih otrok in mladine, Zdravstveni dom dr. Adolfa Drolca Maribor, Maribor, Slovenija

D. Baš
Dispanzer za otroke in šolarje, Zdravstveni dom dr. Julija Polca, Kamnik, Slovenija

A. Borinc-Beden
Služba za pljučne bolezni, Pediatrična klinika Ljubljana, Univerzitetni klinični center Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenija

A. Cimperman
Ajda Cimperman - Pediatrična ordinacija, Ljubljana, Slovenija

J. Čuk Rupnik
Zdravstveni dom Logatec, Logatec, Slovenija

M. Ivankovič Kacjan
Zdravstveni dom dr. Adolfa Drolca Maribor, Maribor, Slovenija

A. Jagrič Friškovec
Zdravstveni dom Celje, Celje, Slovenija

A. Rus
Zdravstveno varstvo predšolskih otrok, Zdravstveni dom Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenija

M. Seher Zupančič
Dispanzer za predšolske otroke, Zdravstveni dom Velenje, Velenje, Slovenija; Združenje za pediatrijo SZD, Ljubljana, Slovenija

M. Tomšič Matić
Zdravstveni dom Medvode, Medvode, Slovenija

B. Vogrin
Ambulanta za otroke in šolarje Pedenjped, Lenart, Slovenija


Slovenian primary paediatricians and school doctors have joined together with exceptional efforts to increase children‘s vaccination rates due to the unbearable situation with the increase in the number of antivaccers and unvaccinated children, the inaction of the relevant institutions and measles outbreaks in neighbouring countries. Bernarda Vogrin‘s objection to the news in December 2016 prompted us to create a document through the „primaries“ website group with initiatives to solve the situation, which was presented to the Medical Chamber of Slovenia (ZZS), the Ministry of Health (MZ), the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), the Health Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia (ZIRS), the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MIZŠ), the Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia and the Extended Expert Council for Paediatrics in the spring of 2017. We gained the support of all these institutions. A Working Team was established as part of the Ministry of Health to increase vaccination coverage within the Republic of Slovenia, of which we are members. Together we are actively involved in the proposals and implementation of the action plan of measures and activities intended for communication, promotion of the positive effects and benefits of vaccination, education of the professional public, raising the awareness of the general public and the revision of legislation in the field of vaccination. Our initiative for regular education on the vaccination of all health professionals was accepted by both the professional organizations, the Medical Chamber of Slovenia (ZZS) and the Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia. We were active in establishing The ECPCP Velenje Statement, which is the basis for preparing legislative changes to increase the vaccination rate and a recommendation to all European primary paediatricians. Our efforts have also been supported by the President of Slovenia. With the cooperation, dedication and courage of the Slovenian primary paediatricians and school doctors, we have achieved remarkable success over the last year – an increase in children‘s vaccination rates.

Key words: children‘s vaccination rates, primary paediatricians, school doctors, efforts.

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