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Slovenska pediatrija 2012; 19: 112-117

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A. Smajlović
KO za gastroenterologijo, hepatologijo in nutricionistiko, Pediatrična klinika, Univerzitetni klinični center, Ljubljana, Slovenija


This article describes common causes of constipation, establishment of the diagnosis and recommendations for the passing of stools. Constipation is a disorder of defecation, and is a common problem in children. The number of stools is not important, but rather the symptoms and signs that arise as a consequence of irregular stool passing. The causes of constipation can be organic or functional. Organic causes include diseases of specific organs; functional causes are more common and include an inappropriate low fibre diet, inadequate fluid intake, and the intake of large quantities of milk and chocolate sweets. Certain causes are more frequent in each period of life. It is important to know when the constipation developed – from birth, and whether it appeared abruptly or developed gradually.

Key words: constipation, stools, child.