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Slovenska pediatrija 2012; 19: 177-182

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M. Tominšek
Klinični oddelek za otroško in mladostniško nevrologijo, Pediatrična klinika, UKC-Ljubljana, Ljubljana

S. Poljanšek
Klinični oddelek za otroško, mladostniško in razvojno nevrologijo, Pediatrična klinika, Univerzitetni klinični center Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenija


Epileptic status is an epileptic seizure that lasts long enough or repeats itself so often that consciousness is not regained between the seizures. It is the most common emergency in paediatric neurology. A child with epileptic status is a critically ill child who requires quick recognition and appropriate management. Therefore there needs to be a carefully designed protocol of action in epileptic status. A nursing sister, with her knowledge of health care, pathology and the newest algorithms of treatment and procient management of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, actively participates in the health team during assessment of the child’s condition, recognition of the critically ill child, actions for stabilization of vital functions and treatment of epileptic status.

Key words: status epilepticus, child, nursing sister.